• BTech - Mechanical

  • In today's dynamic technical scenario, Mechanical Engineering gives core connectivity to other established and upcoming advance technology and yet retains its importance as the foundational branch of engineering. 

    All the workshops and laboratories are equipped with quality machines and equipments as per the course requirements. The departmental infrastructure includes all the necessary laboratories such as Workshops (Machine shop, Fitting shop, Foundry & Welding shop); Thermal Engineering Lab (Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab, Heat and Mass transfer Lab, Automobile & I.C. Engine Lab); Fluid Machine and Mechanics Lab ,Material testing Lab, Dynamics of Machine and vibration lab, Metallurgy Lab.

    This is the only Institute having own design center consisting of various CAD/CAM/CAE Software .Every Student of Mechanical Engineering get training to acquainted latest Market updation as well as Demand.This Institute having Advanced Computer assisted design software as well as computer operated machines(CNCs).All the labs consists of state of art testing equipment which gives a practical approach to student.

    The Mechanical students are also engaged to learn various design software in collaboration with reputed institutes/organization in the college campus itself.

    CAD/CAM Lab

    Today computer has become a vital and growing part of the corporate or un corporated organizations . Even in mechanical we need computer basically in designing testing and facilitating the manufacturing and research strategies.
    This lab is equipped with latest design and development software such SOLID EDGE,SOLID WORKS,AUTO - CAD ,PRO-E,CATIA 6 AND IDEAS 9 .Also this lab has a unique feature of CNC machine with a sole computer dedicated to it where the machining work is done with G-code and M- code. 

    Mechanical Engineering Lab

    Thermal Engineering Lab

    This lab is incorporated with equipments such as heat exchanger, refrigeration and air conditioning equipments, ice plant, conduction convection and radiation equipments to deal with the heat and mass transfer.Petrol Engine with break dynamometer ,cut section model of diesel and petrol engine ,cut section model of 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine ,petrol and diesel engine for load test etc.

    Fluid Mechanics and Machines Lab

    This lab deals with the latest turbines and machineries for the generation of power by the use of hydrostatic energy. Also it has experiment set up to find friction and discharge value of fluid.This lab is equipped orfice,venturimeter,notch apparatus,centrifugal pump,kaplan turbine,pelton wheeland metacentric height apparatus etc.

    Machine Shop

    This lab constitutes of a wide range of lathe, shaper, drilling, and milling machines where students enrich their skills in basic manufacturing like drilling, chamfering, milling, boring etc.Al machines are mordern in nature and student get exposure to industrial type of machines.

    Metrology Lab

    This lab is fully equipped with precision instruments,auto Collimator,Pneumatic Comparator,Tool maker'smicroscope,slip gauge, sine bar etc.

    Automobile Lab

    This lab has wide range of automobile models and demo parts and it helps in study and testing of various engines, carburetors, fuel injection system, brakes, clutches and outer and inner designing of an automobiles

    Strength of Material Lab and Material Testing Lab

    This lab deals with the strength of a material i.e. its hardness softness fatigue point toughness durability yield point etc.This lab includes the machines by which the strength (impact, tensile, compressive) can be checked along with the variable parameters.

    Vibration & Control Lab

    Vibration& Control Lab comprises of instruments which tell the amount of vibration present in any machine, and measures to control it.

    Foundry Lab

    DOM Lab
    This lab includes various machine part like gears, gyroscope, governors and related equipment to find the balancing of machines in static and dynamic condition.