• BTech-Electronics & Communication


    The electronics & Communication Engineering Department proudly boasts 9 labs with advance equipments. The labs are Electronics Lab, Digital & Microprocessor Lab, Electrical Lab, Communication & Fiber optic, Microwave and Electronics Software Lab, Power Electronics Lab, Measurements and instrumentation lab and Electronics workshop. Department works with the sole aim of developing Engineers & Technocrats , who are high performer and compatible at Global level.

    Electronics Workshop:
    Basic lab for conducting 1st year practical & different project work.

    Digital & Microprocessor Lab
    Lab for designing basic & advanced digital µprocessor systems.

    Communication &Fiber Optics Lab:
    Lab for basic communication practical such as analog & digital communication & advanced practical such as fiber optics communication.

    Power Electronics Lab:
    Lab consisting of all high rating electronics components which are used to design circuit for high rated electrical appliances.

    Electronics Lab I & II:
    Basic electronics lab for measuring characteristics of electronics devices.

    Electrical Lab: Basic lab giving knowledge about transmission, distribution & various connections of power systems.

    EMI Lab:
    EMI Lab stands for Electronic Measurement & instrumentation and deals with measuring devices &sensors.

    Microwave & Antenna Lab:
    Advance lab for communication based practicals with advance kits for microwave & antenna practicals.

    Software Lab for E&C department:
    Separate software lab for E&C students that consist of advanced software's such as CAD,MATLAB,etc.